To heal people and planet
By David Parry-Davies:
Editor of and
Founder of the annual Eco-Logic Awards

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  • Is money and the economy really more important than people and planet?
  • Is it wise to not let emotions (like compassion) influence our decisions in business and science?
  • Are we as individuals powerless to make a real difference in the face of the huge environmental challenges like climate change?

    These are some of the questions raised in this book

“Eco-Logic represents a value system and thinking pattern that I fully support.”

Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu

This book identifies the kind of thinking and mind-sets that have led to the current climate and environmental challenges we are facing and offers an alternative way of thinking referred to as ‘The virtues of Eco-Logic’ that we can use to begin to heal this planet and in the process heal ourselves.

“David Parry-Davies has a deep love for nature and he has expressed that love through his work. He is asking a very powerful question “Are you able to evolve your thinking and lifestyle – to become an eco-logical human being?” And he has laid out a clear pathway of virtues to inspire that evolution. This is the kind of thinking that gives hope in this time of environmental turmoil.”

Craig Foster Academy Award Winning film ‘My Octopus Teacher’